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**IMPORTANT: Please do not create a Pull Request without creating an issue first.**
*Any change needs to be discussed before proceeding. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the pull request.*
Please provide enough information so that others can review your pull request:
<!-- You can skip this if you're fixing a typo, changing a README, or something small like that. -->
Explain the **details** for making this change. What existing problem does the pull request solve?
<!-- Example: When "Adding a function to do X", explain why it is necessary to have a way to do X. -->
**Test plan**
Demonstrate the code is solid. Example: The exact commands you ran and their output, screenshots / videos if the pull request changes UI.
<!-- Run some tests to make sure the code doesn't throw any errors, is valid, and works on IE8+. -->
<!-- Also, maake sure that the code formatting is in line with the rest of the project. -->
**Closing issues**
Put `closes #XXXX` in your comment to auto-close the issue that your PR fixes (if such).
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