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......@@ -48,8 +48,18 @@ We encourage you to use [Netlify](https://www.netlify.com) for cState. These are
+ Value: **0.41**
**The easy way**
You can simply click this button to get started:
[![Deploy to Netlify](https://www.netlify.com/img/deploy/button.svg)](https://app.netlify.com/start/deploy?repository=https://github.com/cstate/example)
This sets up cState with its default settings from the cstate/example repo.
If you want to do this from any branch in this repository, follow the manual instructions:
1. Download the contents of the `exampleSite` directory in this repository. This will be your site guts, which will hold the content and configuration for the status page.
2. Create a `themes` folder and navigate to it on the command line.
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