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Bug 40083: Make locale ordering in BuildConfig deterministic

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......@@ -585,16 +585,22 @@ task buildTranslationArray {
// This isn't running as a task, instead the array is build when the gradle file is parsed.
def foundLocales = new StringBuilder()
def languageCodes = []
foundLocales.append("new String[]{")
fileTree("src/main/res").visit { FileVisitDetails details ->
def languageCode = details.file.parent.tokenize('/').last().replaceAll('values-','').replaceAll('-r','-')
languageCode = (languageCode == "values") ? "en-US" : languageCode
// The order of files in a `FileTree` is not stable, even on a single
// computer. Thus we need to sort the `languageCode`s. See: fenix#40083.
languageCodes.each {
def foundLocalesString = foundLocales.toString().replaceAll(',}','}')
android.defaultConfig.buildConfigField "String[]", "SUPPORTED_LOCALE_ARRAY", foundLocalesString
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