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Commit 37d5c0ab authored by juga  's avatar juga Committed by Georg Koppen
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fix: doc: Correct network stream and filtered bw

because Torflow is not using them by relay type.
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......@@ -16,13 +16,6 @@ to each other for that relay, like sbws does :ref:`filtering-measurements`.
However this is currently disabled in sbws.
Network stream and filtered bandwidth
Torflow calculates the network stream and filtered averages by type of relay
:ref:`stream-and-filtered-bandwidth-for-all-relays`, while sbws is not taking
into account the type of relay :ref:`scaling-the-bandwidth-measurements`.
Values from the previous Bandwidth File
......@@ -203,18 +203,6 @@ From Torflow's `README.spec.txt`_ (section 1.6)::
In the code, ``_, ``strm_bw`` is ``sbw`` and
``filt_bw`` is ``filt_sbws``::
for s in rs.router.streams:
if isinstance(s, ClosedStream):
tot_bytes += s.tot_bytes()
tot_duration += s.end_time - s.start_time
tot_bw += s.bandwidth()
s_cnt += 1
# FIXME: Hrmm.. do we want to do weighted avg or pure avg here?
# If files are all the same size, it shouldn't matter..
if s_cnt > 0:
rs.sbw = tot_bw/s_cnt
else: rs.sbw = None
for rs in RouterStats.query.filter(stats_clause).\
tot_sbw = 0
......@@ -236,19 +224,6 @@ In the code, ``_, ``strm_bw`` is ``sbw`` and
if sbw_cnt: rs.filt_sbw = tot_sbw/sbw_cnt
else: rs.filt_sbw = None
When it is written to the file, it seem to write "None" string when
``filt_sbw`` or ``strm_bw`` are None. That would give an exception when
calculating the network average. So it never happen?::
def cvt(a,b,c=1):
if type(a) == float: return int(round(a/c,b))
elif type(a) == int: return a
elif type(a) == type(None): return "None"
else: return type(a)
f.write(" strm_bw="+str(cvt(s.sbw,0)))
f.write(" filt_bw="+str(cvt(s.filt_sbw,0)))
This is also expressed in pseudocode in the `bandwidth file spec`_, section B.4
step 1.
......@@ -278,13 +253,22 @@ In Torflow's ``_ code::
true_circ_avg[cl] = sum(map(lambda n: (1.0-n.circ_fail_rate),
The following code seems to be used only to log::
The following code it's actually used later to set the ``filt_avg`` and
``strm_avg`` for each class::
filt_avg = sum(map(lambda n: n.filt_bw, nodes.itervalues()))/float(len(nodes))
strm_avg = sum(map(lambda n: n.strm_bw, nodes.itervalues()))/float(len(nodes))
So it seems the ``filt_avg`` and ``strm_avg`` are calculated by class in both
the cases with PID control and without PID control.
Because ``cs_junk.group_by_class`` is False, it runs::
for cl in ["Guard+Exit", "Guard", "Exit", "Middle"]:
true_filt_avg[cl] = filt_avg
true_strm_avg[cl] = strm_avg
true_circ_avg[cl] = circ_avg
pid_tgt_avg[cl] = pid_avg
So ``filt_avg`` and ``strm_avg`` are calculated **not** by class in either case,
with and without PID control.
Calling ``bwstrm`` to ``strm_avg`` and ``bwfilt`` to ``fitl_avg``, without
taking into account the different types of nodes::
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