1. 08 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      Returns 0xF6 only if BAD_HOSTNAME · 2f954af9
      Guinness authored
      This commit modifies the behavior of `parse_extended_address` in such a
      way that if it fails, it will always return a `BAD_HOSTNAME` value,
      which is then used to return the 0xF6 extended error code.
      This way, in any case that is not a valid v2 address, we return the 0xF6
      error code, which is the expected behavior.
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      Handle correctly HSv3 URL checking · c314bbae
      Guinness authored
      Now the function `parse_extended_hostname` returns a new value
      `BAD_V3_HOSTNAME` for invalid HS v3 hostnames : too long or invalid
      address. This case is then handled when the function is called.
      The documentation has been updated.
      Additionnaly some tests were added in order to improve the test coverage
      of this function.
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