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[WARN] /builds/hiro/collector/src/main/java/org/torproject/metrics/collector/relaydescs/ReferenceChecker.java:312:13: WhitespaceAround: 'if' is not followed by whitespace. Empty blocks may only be represented as {} when not part of a multi-block statement (4.1.3) [WhitespaceAround]
[WARN] /builds/hiro/collector/src/main/java/org/torproject/metrics/collector/relaydescs/ReferenceChecker.java:312:79: WhitespaceAround: '{' is not preceded with whitespace. [WhitespaceAround]
[WARN] /builds/hiro/collector/src/main/java/org/torproject/metrics/collector/relaydescs/ReferenceChecker.java:313: Line is longer than 80 characters (found 83). [LineLength]
[WARN] /builds/hiro/collector/src/main/java/org/torproject/metrics/collector/relaydescs/ReferenceChecker.java:327: Line is longer than 80 characters (found 94). [LineLength]
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