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Changed update_files to upload releases

We were running out of space in both of our github and gitlab
repositories due to storage limits. This change switches to using the
github REST API to upload torbrowser binaries as releases. Releases are
not subject to the space limits of repositories and, even better, do not
count against our bandwidth limits when users download them.
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# This file is part of GetTor, a Tor Browser distribution system.
# :authors: hiro <>
# see also AUTHORS file
# :copyright: (c) 2008-2019, The Tor Project, Inc.
# :license: This is Free Software. See LICENSE for license information.
cd ~/releases
git checkout master
git branch -D torbrowser-releases
git push github --delete torbrowser-releases
git fetch --all --prune
git add .
git commit -am 'Create release branch'
git checkout -b torbrowser-releases
git push -f --follow-tags origin torbrowser-releases
git push -f --follow-tags github torbrowser-releases
for row in $(
curl -s '' |
jq -r '.downloads'
); do
echo ${row} |
egrep -o 'https?://[^ ]+' |
tr -d '",'
if [[ $r = *[!\ ]* ]]; then
git fetch --all
wget $r
git add .
git commit -m '[dist ci] commit from CI runner - update with new torbrowser downloads'
diffs=$(git diff origin/torbrowser-releases)
if [ -z "$diffs" ]; then
echo "No new releases"
git push -f --follow-tags origin torbrowser-releases
diffs=$(git diff github/torbrowser-releases)
if [ -z "$diffs" ]; then
echo "No new releases"
git push -f --follow-tags github torbrowser-releases
rclone delete gdrive:releases
for f in $(ls); do
# Update Google Drive
rclone copy $f gdrive:releases
# Update Internet Archive
ia upload ${f} $f --remote-name=$f --metadata="title:${f}" --metadata="mediatype:software" --metadata="collection:open_source_software"
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from github import Github
import sys
import json
import urllib
import subprocess
REPO_NAME = "TheTorProject/gettorbrowser"
def delete_old_releases(repo):
for release in repo.get_releases():
#Download list of tor browser releases and upload them to github
def upload_files(release):
url = urllib.request.urlopen("")
data = json.loads(
for arch in data['downloads']:
for locale in data['downloads'][arch]:
for asset in data['downloads'][arch][locale]:
url = data['downloads'][arch][locale][asset]
filename = url.split('/')[-1]
print("Downloading " + filename)
subprocess.check_call(["/usr/bin/wget", url])
def main(token):
#Initialize a new release
g = Github(token)
repo = g.get_repo(REPO_NAME)
#Create a new release
release = repo.create_git_release("torbrowser-release", "Tor Browser releases", "These releases were uploaded to be distributed with gettor.")
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print("Usage: {} AUTH_TOKEN".format(sys.argv[0]), file=sys.stderr)
print("\nAUTH_TOKEN should be an authentication token for a user"
"with access to the gettor repository.", file=sys.stderr)
token = sys.argv[1]
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