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Updated messages sent by twitter/xmpp bots according to #17424

parent e45a517d
domain "en"
#: Links
msgid "links"
msgstr "You requested Tor Browser for %s.\n\
You will need only one of the links below to download the bundle. If a link\n\
does not work for you, try the next one.\n\
#: Mirrors message
msgid "mirrors"
msgstr "Hi! this is the GetTor robot.\n\
Thank you for your request. Below you will find an updated list of\n\
mirrors of Tor Project's website.\n\
#: Help
msgid "help"
msgstr "Hi! This is the GetTor robot. I am here to help you download the\n\
latest version of Tor Browser.\n\
Please reply to this message with one of the options below:\n\
I will then send you the download instructions."
#: Mirrors unavailable message
msgid "mirrors_unavailable"
msgstr "Hello there! this is the 'GetTor' robot.\n\
I'm sorry, I can't send you mirrors right now, please try again later.\n\
Still need help? If you have any questions, trouble connecting to Tor\n\
network, or need to talk to a human, please contact our support team at:\n\
We are ready to answer your queries in English, Farsi, Chinese, Arabic,\n\
French and Spanish."
#: Internal error
msgid "internal_error"
msgstr "Internal error"
#: Internal error
msgid "message_error"
msgstr "Message too long."
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