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Changes made a while ago in getulum (production code)

parent 7b052eba
......@@ -212,33 +212,31 @@ class TwitterBot(object):
sender_id = dm['sender']['id_str']
msg = dm['text'].strip().lower()
bogus_request = False
request = None
bogus_req = False
req = None
status = ''
if self._is_blacklisted(str(sender_id)):'blacklist; none; none')
bogus_request = True
bogus_req = True
if not bogus_request:
if not bogus_req:
self.log.debug("Request seems legit, let's parse it")
# let's try to guess what the user is asking
request = self.parse_text(str(msg))
req = self.parse_text(str(msg))
# possible options: links, mirrors, help
if request['type'] == 'links':
if req['type'] == 'links':'links; %s; %s' % (req['os'], req['lc']))
links = self.core.get_links(
'twitter', req['os'], req['lc']
reply = self._get_msg('links', 'en')
reply = reply % (request['os'], request['lc'], links)
reply = reply % (req['os'], req['lc'], links)
elif request['type'] == 'mirrors':
elif req['type'] == 'mirrors':'mirrors; none; %s' % req['lc'])
reply = self._get_msg('mirrors', 'en')
......@@ -140,11 +140,7 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
elif p3.match(file):
osys, arch, lc = get_bundle_info(file, 'osx')
link = "Tor Browser %s-bit:\n%s$Tor Browser's signature %s-bit:"\
"\n%s$SHA256 checksum of Tor Browser %s-bit (advanced):"\
"\n%s$" %\
(arch, link_file[u'url'], arch, link_asc[u'url'],
arch, sha_file)
link = "%s$%s$%s$" % (link_file[u'url'], link_asc[u'url'], sha_file)
# note that you should only upload bundles for supported locales
core.add_link('Dropbox', osys, lc, link)
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