Commit 07140b34 authored by juga's avatar juga Committed by Matt Traudt
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Add unit tests for disk space functions

parent 2f39df44
"""Unit tests for fs module"""
from unittest.mock import patch
from sbws.util import fs
def mock_df_zero(path):
return 0
def mock_df_enough(path):
return 32
@patch('sbws.util.fs.df', mock_df_zero)
def test_is_low_space_true(caplog, conf):
assert fs.is_low_space(conf) is True
assert ' is less than ' in caplog.records[-1].getMessage()
@patch('sbws.util.fs.df', mock_df_enough)
def test_is_low_space_false(conf):
assert fs.is_low_space(conf) is False
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