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fix: scripts: Stop bumping to next prerelease version

since it is now managed automatically by versioneer.
Instead, suggest creating a "next" maintainance branch.
But stop using `-` and `.` characters in it, to type it faster, since
most of the new branches will be based on it.
parent 12001ae6
......@@ -62,14 +62,6 @@ def obtain_release_version(version):
def obtain_next_prerelease_version(release_version):
# Assuming that we are only jumping from release to `-dev0`
next_prerelease_version = semantic_version.Version(
str(release_version.next_patch()) + "-dev0"
return next_prerelease_version
def main(args):
......@@ -141,22 +133,16 @@ def main(args):
input("Press enter when done.")
print("\nRelease done!!!.")
print("\n8. Create next prerelease version")
next_prerelease_version = obtain_next_prerelease_version(release_version)
print("\nReplacing the version in the program with "
"the next prerelease version...")
replace_version(release_version, next_prerelease_version)
print("\nCommitting the prerelease version...")['git', 'commit',
'-am', '"Bump to {}."'.format(next_prerelease_version)])
print("\n9. Push commit")
input("Press enter when you are sure everything is correct.")['git', 'push', 'origin', 'master'])
print("\n8. Create next prerelease branch")
print("\nIf this release happens in a maintainance branch, merge the "
"the commit to master and push, eg:"
"git checkout master"
"git merge --no-ff mybranch"
"git push myremote master")
next_branch_version = "maint{}".format(release_version)
print("And create the next prerelease branch, eg:")
"git checkout -b {}".format(next_branch_version)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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