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Stop deleting the latest.v3bw symlink. Instead, do an atomic rename.

* document the location of latest.v3bw
* document the atomic creation of latest.v3bw
* explain how to atomically create latest.v3bw when transferring it to
  another host

Closes tor trac 26740.
parent 53a1bf8b
......@@ -12,9 +12,13 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
- Log line on start up with sbws version, platform info, and library versions
### Fixed
- Stop deleting the latest.v3bw symlink. Instead, do an atomic rename.
### Changed
- Document at which times should v3bw files be generated (#26740)
- Remove test data v3bw file and generate it from the same test. (#26736)
### Fixed
datadir = ${sbws_home}/datadir
v3bw_dname = ${sbws_home}/v3bw
# The latest bandwidth file is atomically symlinked to
# V3BandwidthsFile ${v3bw_dname}/latest.v3bw
v3bw_fname = ${v3bw_dname}/{}.v3bw
started_filepath = ${sbws_home}/started_at
log_dname = ${sbws_home}/log
......@@ -12,12 +12,13 @@ log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def gen_parser(sub):
d = 'Generate a v3bw file based on recent results. A v3bw file is the '\
'file Tor directory authorities want to read and base their '\
'bandwidth votes on.' \
'This file should be generated every hour at any minute, except ' \
'between 45 and 55 minutes past the hour because Tor read this file '\
' at minute 50 and except ' \
'between 15 and 25 minutes past the hour because Tor read this file '\
' at minute 20 during a consensus failure.'
'bandwidth votes on. '\
'To avoid inconsistent reads, configure tor with '\
'"V3BandwidthsFile /path/to/latest.v3bw". '\
'(latest.v3bw is an atomically created symlink in the same '\
'directory as output.) '\
'If the file is transferred to another host, it should be written to '\
'a temporary path, then renamed to the V3BandwidthsFile path.'
p = sub.add_parser('generate', description=d,
p.add_argument('--output', default=None, type=str,
......@@ -413,17 +413,24 @@ class V3BWFile(object):"Writing to stdout is not supported.")
return'Writing v3bw file to %s', output)
# To avoid inconsistent reads, the bandwidth data is written to an
# archive path, then atomically symlinked to 'latest.v3bw'
out_dir = os.path.dirname(output)
out_link = os.path.join(out_dir, 'latest.v3bw')
if os.path.exists(out_link):
log.debug('Deleting existing symlink before creating a new one.')
out_link_tmp = out_link + '.tmp'
with DirectoryLock(out_dir):
with open(output, 'wt') as fd:
for line in self.bw_lines:
output_basename = os.path.basename(output)
log.debug('Creating symlink from {} to {}.'
.format(output_basename, out_link))
os.symlink(output_basename, out_link)
# To atomically symlink a file, we need to create a temporary link,
# then rename it to the final link name. (POSIX guarantees that
# rename is atomic.)
log.debug('Creating symlink {} -> {}.'
.format(out_link_tmp, output_basename))
os.symlink(output_basename, out_link_tmp)
log.debug('Renaming symlink {} -> {} to {} -> {}.'
.format(out_link_tmp, output_basename,
out_link, output_basename))
os.rename(out_link_tmp, out_link)
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