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Add functions to check disk space

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"""Utils file system functions"""
import logging
import shutil
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def sbws_required_disk_space(conf):
"""Disk space required by sbws files.
Rough calculations.
:param ConfigParser conf: sbws configuration
:returns: int, size in MiB
# Number of relays per line average size in Bytes
size_v3bw_file = 7500 * 220
num_v3bw_files = int(conf['general']['data_period'])
# not counting compressed files
space_v3bw_files = size_v3bw_file * num_v3bw_files
# not counted rotated files and assuming that when it is not rotated the
# size will be aproximately 10MiB
size_log_file = (int(conf['logging']['to_file_max_bytes']) or 10485760) \
if conf['logging']['to_stdout'] == 'yes' else 0
# roughly...
space_result_files = space_v3bw_files
# duplicate everything to warn early
size_total = (space_v3bw_files + size_log_file + space_result_files) * 2
size_total_mb = round(size_total / (1024 ** 2))
return size_total_mb
def df(path):
"""Return space left on device where path is."""
return round(shutil.disk_usage(path).free / (1024 ** 2))
def is_low_space(conf):
"""Warn and return True when the space left on the device is less than
what is needed for sbws and False otherwise needs.
disk_required_mb = sbws_required_disk_space(conf)
disk_avail_mb = df(conf['paths']['sbws_home'])
if disk_avail_mb < disk_required_mb:
log.warn("The space left on the device (%s MiB) is less than "
"the minimum recommented to run sbws (%s MiB)."
"Run sbws cleanup to delete old sbws generated files.",
disk_avail_mb, disk_required_mb)
return True
return False
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