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Measure exits in the exit position; try harder to find a helper

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......@@ -7,6 +7,19 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
## [Unreleased]
### Changed
- If the relay to measure is an exit, put it in the exit position and choose a
non-exit to help. Previously the relay to measure would always be the first
hop. (GH#181)
- Try harder to find a relay to help measure the target relay with two changes.
Essentially: (1) Instead of only picking from relays that are 1.25 - 2.00
times faster than it by consensus weight, try (in order) to find a relay that
is at least 2.00, 1.75, 1.50, 1.25, or 1.00 times as fast. If that fails,
instead of giving up, (2) pick the fastest relay in the network instead of
giving up. This compliments the previous change about measuring target exits in
the exit position.
### Fixed
- Exception that causes sbws to fall back to one measurement thread. We first
......@@ -131,6 +131,40 @@ def measure_bandwidth_to_server(session, conf, dest, content_length):
return results
def _pick_ideal_second_hop(relay, dest, rl, cont, is_exit):
Sbws builds two hop circuits. Given the **relay** to measure with
destination **dest**, pick a second relay that is or is not an exit
according to **is_exit**.
candidates = []
candidates.extend(rl.exits if is_exit else rl.non_exits)
if not len(candidates):
return None
log.debug('Picking a 2nd hop to measure %s from %d choices. is_exit=%s',
relay.nickname, len(candidates), is_exit)
for min_bw_factor in [2, 1.75, 1.5, 1.25, 1]:
min_bw = relay.bandwidth * min_bw_factor
new_candidates = stem_utils.only_relays_with_bandwidth(
cont, candidates, min_bw=min_bw)
if len(new_candidates) > 0:
chosen = rng.choice(new_candidates)
'Found %d candidate 2nd hops with at least %sx the bandwidth '
'of %s. Returning %s (bw=%s).',
len(new_candidates), min_bw_factor, relay.nickname,
chosen.nickname, chosen.bandwidth)
return chosen
candidates = sorted(candidates, key=lambda r: r.bandwidth, reverse=True)
chosen = candidates[0]
'Didn\'t find any 2nd hops at least as fast as %s (bw=%s). It\'s '
'probably really fast. Returning %s (bw=%s), the fastest '
'candidate we have.', relay.nickname, relay.bandwidth,
chosen.nickname, chosen.bandwidth)
return chosen
def measure_relay(args, conf, destinations, cb, rl, relay):
s = requests_utils.make_session(
cb.controller, conf.getfloat('general', 'http_timeout'))
......@@ -140,24 +174,29 @@ def measure_relay(args, conf, destinations, cb, rl, relay):
log.warning('Unable to get destination to measure %s %s',
relay.nickname, relay.fingerprint[0:8])
return None
# Pick an exit
exits = rl.exits_can_exit_to(dest.hostname, dest.port)
exits = [e for e in exits if e.fingerprint != relay.fingerprint]
exits = stem_utils.only_relays_with_bandwidth(
cb.controller, exits, min_bw=round(relay.bandwidth*1.25),
max_bw=max(round(relay.bandwidth*2.00), 100))
if len(exits) < 1:
log.warning('No available exits to help measure %s %s', relay.nickname,
# Pick a relay to help us measure the given relay. If the given relay is an
# exit, then pick a non-exit. Otherwise pick an exit.
helper = None
circ_fps = None
if relay.can_exit_to(dest.hostname, dest.port):
helper = _pick_ideal_second_hop(
relay, dest, rl, cb.controller, is_exit=False)
if helper:
circ_fps = [helper.fingerprint, relay.fingerprint]
helper = _pick_ideal_second_hop(
relay, dest, rl, cb.controller, is_exit=True)
if helper:
circ_fps = [relay.fingerprint, helper.fingerprint]
if not helper:
# TODO: Return ResultError of some sort
log.warning('Unable to pick a 2nd hop to help measure %s %s',
relay.nickname, relay.fingerprint[0:8])
return None
exit = rng.choice(exits)
assert helper
assert circ_fps is not None and len(circ_fps) == 2
# Build the circuit
log.debug('We selected exit %s %s (cw=%d) to help measure %s %s (cw=%d)',
exit.nickname, exit.fingerprint[0:8], exit.bandwidth,
relay.nickname, relay.fingerprint[0:8], relay.bandwidth)
our_nick = conf['scanner']['nickname']
circ_fps = [relay.fingerprint, exit.fingerprint]
circ_id = cb.build_circuit(circ_fps)
if not circ_id:
log.warning('Could not build circuit involving %s', relay.nickname)
......@@ -88,6 +88,22 @@ class Relay:
# it seems that stem parses it as ed25519_master_key
return self._from_desc('ed25519_master_key').rstrip('=')
def can_exit_to(self, host, port):
if not self.exit_policy:
return False
assert isinstance(host, str)
assert isinstance(port, int)
if not is_valid_ipv4_address(host) and not is_valid_ipv6_address(host):
# It certainly isn't perfect trying to guess if an exit can connect
# to an ipv4/6 address based on the DNS result we got locally. But
# it's the best we can do.
# Also, only use the first ipv4/6 we get even if there is more than
# one.
host = resolve(host)[0]
assert is_valid_ipv4_address(host) or is_valid_ipv6_address(host)
return self.exit_policy.can_exit_to(host, port)
class RelayList:
''' Keeps a list of all relays in the current Tor network and updates it
......@@ -115,6 +131,10 @@ class RelayList:
def exits(self):
return self._relays_with_flag(Flag.EXIT)
def non_exits(self):
return self._relays_without_flag(Flag.EXIT)
def guards(self):
return self._relays_with_flag(Flag.GUARD)
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