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Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/merge-requests/28' into maint-1.1

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......@@ -51,26 +51,24 @@ Steps to create a MR
Use ``pip install -e <>``
5. If needed install the documentation and build it as explained in
6. Create a new branch, named ``ticketXXX``.
Optionally, name it with a string explaining what it does,
ie ``ticketXXX_contributing``
6. Create a new feature branch.
If the issue solves a bug, base the branch on the latest maintained version,
eg. ``maint-1.1`` and name it with the name of the base branch plus
``_bugXXX``, where `XXX` is the number of the issue.
If the issue is a new feature, base the branch on the `master` branch and
name it ``ticketXXX``.
Optionally, the last part of the branch name can be any string, eg.
7. Write code (:ref:`codestyle-ref`), tests, documentation,
extra files (:ref:`extrafiles-ref`), commit (:ref:`commits-ref`), etc.
8. Ensure tests pass (./TESTING.rst).
9. Push your branch to your Gitlab repository.
We are temporally using Github Travis to ensure tests pass. For this:
10. Clone ``sbws`` via the Github web interface:
11. Push your branch to your Github repository.
12. If you have an account in Travis, you can see whether it pass the tests in
Github and at
10. Ensure the CI tests are passing
13. Create a MR from your branch at
11. Create a MR from your branch at
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