Commit 636bdac5 authored by Matt Traudt's avatar Matt Traudt
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Remove config validation of passwords

Left over from sbws server days

GH: ref #143
parent add1b9eb
......@@ -353,18 +353,6 @@ def _validate_section_fingerprints(conf, sec, fps, tmpl):
return errors
def _validate_section_passwords(conf, sec, passwords, tmpl):
errors = []
section = conf[sec]
for key in passwords:
valid, error = _validate_password(section, key)
if not valid:
sec=sec, key=key, val=section[key],
e='Not a valid password ({})'.format(error)))
return errors
def _validate_section_urls(conf, sec, urls, tmpl):
errors = []
section = conf[sec]
......@@ -440,13 +428,6 @@ def _validate_fingerprint(section, key):
def _validate_password(section, key):
alphabet = _ALPHANUM
length = 64
return _validate_string(section, key, min_len=length, max_len=length,
def _validate_nickname(section, key):
alphabet = _ALPHANUM
min_len = 1
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