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Commit 65589118 authored by juga  's avatar juga
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chg: v3bwfile: Convert datetime to str

parent 8e5da39c
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@ from sbws.globals import (SPEC_VERSION, BW_LINE_SIZE, SBWS_SCALE_CONSTANT,
from sbws.lib.resultdump import ResultSuccess, _ResultType
from sbws.util.filelock import DirectoryLock
from sbws.util.timestamp import (now_isodt_str, unixts_to_isodt_str,
now_unixts, isostr_to_dt_obj)
now_unixts, isostr_to_dt_obj,
from sbws.util.state import State
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -448,7 +449,8 @@ class V3BWHeader(object):
state = State(state_fpath)
if 'scanner_started' in state:
return state['scanner_started']
# From v1.1.0-dev `state` is capable of converting strs to datetime
return dt_obj_to_isodt_str(state['scanner_started'])
return None
......@@ -516,3 +516,16 @@ def test_set_under_min_report(mock_consensus, conf, datadir):
assert == 0
assert bwl.under_min_report == 1
assert != 1
def test_generator_started(root_data_path, datadir):
state_fpath = os.path.join(root_data_path, '.sbws/state.dat')
# The method is correct
assert "2019-03-25T13:03:06" == V3BWHeader.generator_started_from_file(
# `results` does not matter here, using them to not have an empty list.
results = load_result_file(str(datadir.join("results.txt")))
header = V3BWHeader.from_results(results, '', '', state_fpath)
# And the header is correct
assert "2019-03-25T13:03:06" == header.generator_started
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