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Allow additional header params,

and include them in the header str.
parent 4f85f2ad
......@@ -22,14 +22,19 @@ class V3BwHeader(object):
:param str software_version: the version of the software
def __init__(self, timestamp=None, version=SPEC_VERSION, software='sbws',
software_version=__version__, **kwargs):
self.timestamp = timestamp or int(time.time())
self.version = version = software
self.software_version = software_version
if kwargs.get('earlier_result_ts'):
self.earlier_result = kwargs['earlier_result_ts']
def __str__(self):
"""Return header string following spec version 1.1.0."""
frmt = '{timestamp}\nversion={version}\nsoftware={software}\n' \
return frmt.format(**self.__dict__)
# sorting the list to generate determinist headers
kv_headers = ' '.join(sorted(['='.join([k, str(v)])
for k, v in self.__dict__.items()]))
header = '\n'.join([str(self.timestamp), kv_headers, ''])
log.debug('header %s', header)
return header
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