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v3bwfile: Move comment about MaxAdvertisedBandwidth

from sbws scaling to torflow's scaling, where the descriptor
bandwidth is calculated from the minimum of all the descriptor
bandwidth values.
And use the bandwidth-file-spec.txt text instead.
parent d1ceecd2
...@@ -605,17 +605,6 @@ class V3BWFile(object): ...@@ -605,17 +605,6 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
the bandwidth to obtain the new bandwidth the bandwidth to obtain the new bandwidth
:returns list: V3BwLine list :returns list: V3BwLine list
""" """
# If a relay has MaxAdvertisedBandwidth set, they may be capable of
# some large amount of bandwidth but prefer if they didn't receive it.
# We also could have managed to measure them faster than their
# {,Relay}BandwidthRate somehow.
# See and
# Note how this isn't some measured-by-us average of bandwidth. It's
# the first value on the 'bandwidth' line in the relay's server
# descriptor.
log.debug('Scaling bandwidth using sbws method.') log.debug('Scaling bandwidth using sbws method.')
m = median([ for l in bw_lines]) m = median([ for l in bw_lines])
bw_lines_scaled = copy.deepcopy(bw_lines) bw_lines_scaled = copy.deepcopy(bw_lines)
...@@ -827,6 +816,15 @@ class V3BWFile(object): ...@@ -827,6 +816,15 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
desc_bw_obs = l.desc_bw_obs_last desc_bw_obs = l.desc_bw_obs_last
elif desc_bw_obs_type == TORFLOW_OBS_MEAN: elif desc_bw_obs_type == TORFLOW_OBS_MEAN:
desc_bw_obs = l.desc_bw_obs_mean desc_bw_obs = l.desc_bw_obs_mean
# Excerpt from bandwidth-file-spec.txt section 2.3
# A relay's MaxAdvertisedBandwidth limits the bandwidth-avg in its
# descriptor.
# Therefore generators MUST limit a relay's measured bandwidth to
# its descriptor's bandwidth-avg.
# Generators SHOULD NOT limit measured bandwidths based on
# descriptors' bandwidth-observed, because that penalises new
# relays.
# See
# just applying the formula above: # just applying the formula above:
desc_bw = min(desc_bw_obs, l.desc_bw_bur, l.desc_bw_avg) desc_bw = min(desc_bw_obs, l.desc_bw_bur, l.desc_bw_avg)
bw_new = kb_round_x_sig_dig( bw_new = kb_round_x_sig_dig(
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