Commit 84a09d06 authored by Matt Traudt's avatar Matt Traudt
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Fix typo to allow logging to file

parent 0e6aa33c
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ def sbws_required_disk_space(conf):
space_log_files = 0
if conf.getboolean('logging', 'to_file'):
size_log_file = conf.getint('logging', 'to_file_max_bytes')
num_log_files = conf.geting('logging', 'to_file_num_backups')
num_log_files = conf.getint('logging', 'to_file_num_backups')
space_log_files = size_log_file * num_log_files
text_dict['mb_log'] = space_log_files
# roughly, size of a current tor dir
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