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Merge branch 'bug28932'

parents 12ad99d0 5dae9b99
''' Measure the relays. '''
import sys
import threading
from ..lib.circuitbuilder import GapsCircuitBuilder as CB
from ..lib.resultdump import ResultDump
from ..lib.resultdump import ResultSuccess, ResultErrorCircuit
......@@ -9,7 +12,7 @@ from ..lib.relayprioritizer import RelayPrioritizer
from ..lib.destination import DestinationList
from ..util.timestamp import now_isodt_str
from ..util.state import State
from sbws.globals import fail_hard
from sbws.globals import fail_hard, TIMEOUT_MEASUREMENTS
import sbws.util.stem as stem_utils
import sbws.util.requests as requests_utils
from argparse import ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter
......@@ -27,6 +30,27 @@ end_event = Event()
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def dumpstacks():
import traceback
log.critical("sbws stop measuring relays, probably because of a bug."
"Please, open a ticket in with this"
thread_id2name = dict([(t.ident, for t in threading.enumerate()])
for thread_id, stack in sys._current_frames().items():
log.critical("Thread: %s(%d)",
thread_id2name.get(thread_id, ""), thread_id)
# If logging level is less than DEBUG (more verbose), start pdb so that
# developers can debug the issue.
if log.getEffectiveLevel() < logging.DEBUG:
import pdb
# Otherwise exit.
# Change to stop threads when #28869 is merged
def timed_recv_from_server(session, dest, byte_range):
''' Request the **byte_range** from the URL at **dest**. If successful,
return True and the time it took to download. Otherwise return False and an
......@@ -377,9 +401,16 @@ def run_speedtest(args, conf):
while len(pending_results) >= max_pending_results:
pending_results = [r for r in pending_results if not r.ready()]
while len(pending_results) > 0:
time_waiting = 0
while (len(pending_results) > 0
and time_waiting <= TIMEOUT_MEASUREMENTS):
log.debug("Number of pending measurement threads %s after "
"a prioritization loop.", len(pending_results))
time_waiting += 5
pending_results = [r for r in pending_results if not r.ready()]
if time_waiting > TIMEOUT_MEASUREMENTS:
loop_tstop = time.time()
loop_tdelta = (loop_tstop - loop_tstart) / 60"Measured %s relays in %s minutes", num_relays, loop_tdelta)
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ SUPERVISED_USER_CONFIG_PATH = "/etc/sbws/sbws.ini"
SUPERVISED_RUN_DPATH = "/run/sbws/tor"
SOCKET_TIMEOUT = 60 # seconds
TIMEOUT_MEASUREMENTS = 60 * 3 # 3 minutes
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