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Commit a287ad4b authored by juga  's avatar juga

fix: v3bwfile: Reformat to don't get flake8 errors

Part of #30196
parent d4618e8f
......@@ -163,10 +163,19 @@ LINE_TERMINATOR = TERMINATOR + LINE_SEP
# not inclding in the files the extra bws for now
BWLINE_KEYS_V0 = ['node_id', 'bw']
BWLINE_KEYS_V1_1 = ['master_key_ed25519', 'nick', 'rtt', 'time',
'success', 'error_stream', 'error_circ', 'error_misc',
# Added in #292951
'error_second_relay', 'error_destination']
# Added in #292951
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