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......@@ -24,22 +24,6 @@ also online at and
[this onion service](http://d7pxflytfsmz6uh3x7i2jxzzwea6nbpmtsz5tmfkcin5edapaig5vpyd.onion/)
## Layout of `sbws` source code directory
- `docs/` the source of the sbws documentation website.
- `sbws/` the source code for sbws.
- `sbws/core/` each file contains code specific to a single sbws command.
- `sbws/lib/` complex data structures and classes useful to one or more sbws
commands. If you're making a new class, it probably belongs here.
- `sbws/util/` simplier, "make life easier" collections of functions.
- `scripts/maint/` scripts for **maint**aining sbws and doing administrative
things like regenerating the website or updating the AUTHORS file.
- `scripts/tools/` misc. scripts for users of sbws.
performing tests with them.
- `tests/unit/` simple little tests that don't require Tor to be running
- `tests/integration/` more complex tests and/or tests that require Tor to be running
- `tests/testnets/` scripts and code for running mini Tor networks locally
## License
This work is in the public domain within the United States.
......@@ -64,6 +64,23 @@ $HOME/.sbws
Default sbws home, where it stores measurement data files,
bandwidth list files and tor process data.
Default location for the raw results generated by the ``sbws scanner``.
Other commands (such as ``generate`` and ``stats``) read results from the
files in this directory.
Default location for the logs files generated by all ``sbws`` commands,
when logging to a file is configured (see **sbws.ini**).
Default location for the bandwidth files generated by the command
``sbws generate``. These are the files read by the Tor directory
A file for storing state needed between ``sbws`` commands.
Runtime directory for the tor process launched by ``sbws``.
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