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Define the public API as required by semver

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......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ download performance.
## Boring things
### Versioning
This project follows [semantic versioning][] and thus every major version has
the potential for breaking changes. You can find information about what those
are at the following places.
......@@ -29,6 +31,46 @@ for sbws. (Note that the reverse is **not** true: a major sbws version change
does not require the integer versions for the wire protocol or result format to
### The public API for sbws
As required by semantic versioning, the public API for sbws will not change
without a major version bump. The public API is
- **The available configuration options and their defaults**. New options may
be added without a major version bump, but no options will be removed, nor
will defaults be drastically changed. Examples of drastic changes to defaults
include obvious things like flipping any boolean value or a location for data
storage, but also more subjective things, such as increasing the target
download time significantly (6s to 60s). Examples of an insignificant change
include changing the default client nickname. Rule of thumb: if it is likely to
affect results or sbws behavior significantly, it is a major change.
- **The name and function of commands**. The command you run to perform certain
actions will not change in a backward incompatible way without a major
version change. For example to generate a v3bw file you will always run `sbws
generate` unless there is a major version bump and the release notes indicate
the command has changed.
- **The format of output**. Results (stored in `~/.sbws/datadir` by default)
will not change their format in a backward incompatible way without both a
major version bump and a bump in the result version integer. The v3bw file
generated with `sbws generate` will not change its format without a major
version bump. *Log lines and the output of `sbws stats` are exceptions to this
- **The wire protocol**. The way `sbws client` and `sbws server` speak will not
change in a backward incompatible way without both a major version bump and a
bump in the wire protocol version integer.
- **NOT the name, location, signature, or existance of python functions**. Sbws
is meant to be ran as a standalone program. It is not at all meant to be
treated or used like a library. Users of sbws do *not* need an understanding of
how its code is laid out. Therefore the code may change drastically without a
major version bump as long as the way users interact with it does not change in
a backward incompatible way.
### License
This project is released to the public domain under the CC0 1.0 Universal
license. See [``](/ for more information.
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