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Commit c030731e authored by juga  's avatar juga
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chg: v3bwfile: Calculate filtered bandwidth

for each relay, calculate the filtered mean for all relays and
calculate the filtered ratio for each relay.
parent 5159662a
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ from sbws.globals import (SPEC_VERSION, BW_LINE_SIZE, SBWS_SCALE_CONSTANT,
from sbws.lib import scaling
from sbws.lib.resultdump import ResultSuccess, _ResultType
from sbws.util.filelock import DirectoryLock
from sbws.util.timestamp import (now_isodt_str, unixts_to_isodt_str,
......@@ -631,8 +632,10 @@ class V3BWLine(object):
assert node_id.startswith('$')
self.node_id = node_id = bw
# For now, we do not want to add ``bw_filt`` to the bandwidth file,
# therefore it is set here but not added to ``BWLINE_KEYS_V1``.
[setattr(self, k, v) for k, v in kwargs.items()
if k in BWLINE_KEYS_V1]
if k in BWLINE_KEYS_V1 + ["bw_filt"]]
def __str__(self):
return self.bw_strv1
......@@ -762,7 +765,11 @@ class V3BWLine(object):
if rtt:
kwargs['rtt'] = rtt
bw = cls.bw_median_from_results(results_recent)
# XXX: all the class functions could use the bw_measurements instead of
# obtaining them each time or use a class Measurements.
bw_measurements = scaling.bw_measurements_from_results(results_recent)
kwargs['bw_mean'] = cls.bw_mean_from_results(results_recent)
kwargs['bw_filt'] = scaling.bw_filt(bw_measurements)
kwargs['bw_median'] = cls.bw_median_from_results(
kwargs['desc_bw_avg'] = \
......@@ -1311,7 +1318,8 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
# mean (Torflow's strm_avg)
mu = mean([l.bw_mean for l in bw_lines])
# filtered mean (Torflow's filt_avg)
muf = mean([max(l.bw_mean, mu) for l in bw_lines])
muf = mean([l.bw_filt for l in bw_lines])
# bw sum (Torflow's tot_net_bw or tot_sbw)
sum_bw = sum([l.bw_mean for l in bw_lines])
# Torflow's clipping
......@@ -1369,7 +1377,7 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
min_bandwidth = min(desc_bw, l.consensus_bandwidth)
# Torflow's scaling
ratio_stream = l.bw_mean / mu
ratio_stream_filtered = max(l.bw_mean, mu) / muf
ratio_stream_filtered = l.bw_filt / muf
ratio = max(ratio_stream, ratio_stream_filtered)
bw_scaled = ratio * min_bandwidth
# round and convert to KB
"""Unit tests for"""
from sbws.lib import scaling
def test_bw_filt():
bw_measurements = [
96700.00922329757, 70311.63051659254, 45531.743347556374,
38913.97025485627, 55656.332364676025
fb = scaling.bw_filt(bw_measurements)
# This is greater than the mean, that is 61422.73714139576
assert fb == 83505.81986994506
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