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fix: relaylist: Check exit to all domains/ips

When an exit policy allows to exit only to some subnet, it is not
enough to check that it can exit to a port, since it can, but it might
not be able to exit to the domain/ip of the sbws Web servers.
To ensure that without having to check whether it can exit to a
specific domain/ip, we can query the exit policy with `strict`.

Closes #40006. Bugfix v1.0.3.
parent 3e86fd59
......@@ -197,7 +197,9 @@ class Relay:
# Therefore, catch the exception here.
if self.exit_policy:
return self.exit_policy.can_exit_to(port=port)
# Using `strict` to ensure it can exit to ALL domains
# and ips and that port. See #40006.
return self.exit_policy.can_exit_to(port=port, strict=True)
except TypeError:
return False
return False
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