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Merge branch 'bug_40035' into 'maint-1.1'

fix: doc: Update values in config_tor.rst + clean-up

Closes #40035

See merge request tpo/network-health/sbws!49
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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
Internal Tor configuration for the scanner
The scanner needs an specific Tor configuration.
The scanner needs a specific Tor configuration.
The following options are either set when launching Tor or required when
connection to an existing Tor daemon.
......@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@ Default configuration:
- ``SafeLogging 0``: Useful for logging, since there's no need for anonymity.
- ``LogTimeGranularity 1``
- ``ProtocolWarnings 1``
- ``FetchDirInfoEarly 1``
- ``FetchDirInfoExtraEarly 1``: Respond to `MaxAdvertisedBandwidth` as soon as possible.
- ``FetchUselessDescriptors 1``: Keep fetching descriptors, even when idle.
- ``LearnCircuitBuildTimeout 0``: To keep circuit build timeouts static.
Configuration that depends on the user configuration file:
......@@ -29,9 +32,13 @@ Configuration that depends on the user configuration file:
Configuration that needs to be set on runtime:
- ``__DisablePredictedCircuits 1``: To build custom circuits.
- ``__LeaveStreamsUnattached 1``
- ``__LeaveStreamsUnattached 1``: The scanner is attaching the streams itself.
Configuration that can be set on runtime and fail:
- ``ConnectionPadding 0``: Useful for avoiding extra traffic, since scanner anonymity is not a goal.
Currently most of the code that sets this configuration is in :func:`sbws.util.stem.launch_tor`
and the default configuration is ``sbws/``.
.. note:: the location of these code is being refactored.
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.. note:: the location of this code is being refactored.
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