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Commit e509c7eb authored by juga  's avatar juga

fix: scanner: Log times kept

not only the times that are not kept.

Closes #40060
parent adf34d3e
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......@@ -466,14 +466,17 @@ def _should_keep_result(did_request_maximum, result_time, download_times):
# In the normal case, we didn't ask for the maximum allowed amount. So we
# should only allow ourselves to keep results that are between the min and
# max allowed time
msg = "Keeping measurement time {:.2f}".format(result_time)
if not did_request_maximum and \
result_time >= download_times['min'] and \
result_time < download_times['max']:
return True
# If we did request the maximum amount, we should keep the result as long
# as it took less than the maximum amount of time
if did_request_maximum and \
result_time < download_times['max']:
return True
# In all other cases, return false
log.debug('Not keeping result time %f.%s', result_time,
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