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...@@ -83,22 +83,19 @@ of sbws. ...@@ -83,22 +83,19 @@ of sbws.
git checkout v1.5.3 git checkout v1.5.3
pip install . pip install .
Initialize sbws Run sbws
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
This creates ``~/.sbws`` and initializes some files in it.
sbws init If you would like to use a custom configuration file you can create it in
``~/.sbws.ini`` or provide ``sbws`` with it via ``-c`` ``--config`` option.
If you would like to keep sbws's data directory somewhere else, use ``-d``. See the documentation section about configuration files for more information
**You will have to use -d every time you run an sbws command to use this custom about how to create a configuration file.
Tor run the scanner run
:: ::
sbws -d /tmp/dotsbws-testing init sbws scanner
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