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fix: doc: Clarify branch to use when contributing

Closes: #33473
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......@@ -51,9 +51,14 @@ Steps to create a MR
Use ``pip install -e <>``
5. If needed install the documentation and build it as explained in
6. Create a new branch, named ``ticketXXX``.
Optionally, name it with a string explaining what it does,
ie ``ticketXXX_contributing``
6. Create a new feature branch.
If the issue solves a bug, base the branch on the latest maintained version,
eg. ``maint-1.1`` and name it with the name of the base branch plus
``_bugXXX``, where `XXX` is the number of the issue.
If the issue is a new feature, base the branch on the `master` branch and
name it ``ticketXXX``.
Optionally, the last part of the branch name can be any string, eg.
7. Write code (:ref:`codestyle-ref`), tests, documentation,
extra files (:ref:`extrafiles-ref`), commit (:ref:`commits-ref`), etc.
8. Ensure tests pass (./TESTING.rst).
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