Commit f82ea6a6 authored by juga's avatar juga
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fix: v3bwfile: Take all measurements when IP changes

Previously, when a relay changes IP, only the measurements with the
last IP were considered.
Relays with dynamic IP could get unmeasured that way.
Now, all the measurements are considered.

Closes: #33832. Bugfix 0.5.0.
parent 02861e10
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ circuit_timeout = 10
# address changes. If it changes, we only consider results for the relay that
# we obtained while the relay was located at its most recent IP address.
# This is NOT implemented for IPv6.
reset_bw_ipv4_changes = on
reset_bw_ipv4_changes = off
reset_bw_ipv6_changes = off
......@@ -123,4 +123,3 @@ to_stdout_format = ${format}
to_syslog_format = %(module)s[%(process)s]: <%(levelname)s> %(message)s
# verbose formatter useful for debugging
to_file_format = %(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(threadName)s %(filename)s:%(lineno)s - %(funcName)s - %(message)s
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