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Commit fe8ecfef authored by juga  's avatar juga
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Merge branch 'maint-1.1'

parents f846c5d6 05bb23c5
......@@ -36,6 +36,14 @@ TORRC_STARTING_POINT = {
'SafeLogging': '0',
'LogTimeGranularity': '1',
'ProtocolWarnings': '1',
# To be able to responde to MaxAdvertisedBandwidth as soon as possible.
# If ``FetchDirInfoExtraEarly` is set, but not
# `FetchDirInfoEarly`, Tor will throw this error:
# `FetchDirInfoExtraEarly requires that you also set FetchDirInfoEarly`
'FetchDirInfoEarly': '1',
'FetchDirInfoExtraEarly': '1',
# To make Tor keep fetching descriptors, even when idle.
'FetchUselessDescriptors': '1'
# Options that need to be set at runtime.
......@@ -294,6 +294,17 @@ class Relay:
measurement period.
return timestamp.is_old(self.last_consensus_timestamp)
# XXX: tech-debt: replace `_desc` attr by a a `dequee` of the last
# descriptors seen for this relay and the timestamp.
def update_server_descriptor(self, server_descriptor):
"""Update this relay server descriptor (from the consensus."""
self._desc = server_descriptor
# XXX: tech-debt: replace `_ns` attr by a a `dequee` of the last
# router statuses seen for this relay and the timestampt.
def update_router_status(self, router_status):
"""Update this relay router status (from the consensus)."""
self._ns = router_status
class RelayList:
......@@ -439,9 +450,22 @@ class RelayList:
relays = copy.deepcopy(self._relays)
for r in relays:
if r.fingerprint in new_relays_dict.keys():
# If a relay in the previous consensus and is in the current
# one, update its timestamp, router status and descriptor.
fp = r.fingerprint
# new_relays_dict[fp] is the router status.
descriptor = c.get_server_descriptor(fp, default=None)
except (DescriptorUnavailable, ControllerError) as e:
log.exception("Exception trying to get desc %s", e)
# Add it to the new list of relays.
# And remove it from the new consensus dict, as it has
# already added to the new list.
# If the relay is not in the current consensus but is not "old"
# yet, add it to the new list of relays too, though its timestamp,
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