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......@@ -22,7 +22,86 @@ version is 1.5.3, which would be tagged as ``v1.5.3``.
.. _release page:
Virtualenv - Production
Virtualenv - Development
Choose a directory to store code in. I might choose ``~/src``.
cd ~/src
Get stem
git clone
Get sbws
git clone
cd simple-bw-scanner
Create and enter virtualenv
I like to keep mine in my simple-bw-scanner directory and assume that's where
you'll put it.
virtualenv -p python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
Install stem in virtualenv
Sbws requires on features not yet in a released version of stem (1.7.0 has not
been released as of the time of writing). You can either install from the
master branch, or checkout ``60f034ad8b9c3aa48e7e2ecb0a2e159b6ed5bc71`` or
pip install ../stem
Install sbws and its remaining dependencies
Here is where you might want to know what the latest release of sbws is (this
document assumes it is 1.5.3). Skip
the ``git checkout`` if you want to run the bleeding edge tip-of-master version
of sbws.
git checkout v1.5.3
pip install .
Initialize sbws
This creates ``~/.sbws`` and initializes some files in it.
sbws init
If you would like to keep sbws's data directory somewhere else, use ``-d``.
**You will have to use -d every time you run an sbws command to use this custom
sbws -d /tmp/dotsbws-testing init
[OBSOLETE DO NOT FOLLOW] Virtualenv - Production
......@@ -60,7 +139,7 @@ Updating
pip install --process-dependency-links --upgrade-strategy eager --upgrade .
Virtualenv - Development
[OBSOLETE DO NOT FOLLOW] Virtualenv - Development
These are almost exactly the same. The difference is the pip command: we
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