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Merge branch 'maint-1.1' into master

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% if data["title"]:
${"=" * len(data["title"])}
% endif
% for version in data["versions"]:
title = "%s (%s)" % (version["tag"], version["date"]) if version["tag"] else opts["unreleased_version_label"]
nb_sections = len(version["sections"])
${"-" * len(title)}
% for section in version["sections"]:
% if not (section["label"] == "Other" and nb_sections == 1):
${"~" * len(section["label"])}
% endif
% for commit in section["commits"]:
subject = "%s [%s]" % (commit["subject"], ", ".join(commit["authors"]))
entry = indent('\n'.join(textwrap.wrap(subject)),
first="- ").strip()
% if commit["body"]:
% endif
% endfor
% endfor
% endfor
......@@ -135,6 +135,19 @@ Commits
Each commit should reference the Tor Project Trac ticket (example: ``#12345``)
and possibly the bugfix version.
The commit message should contain ``Closes: #bugnumber``.
From version 1.0.2 we started to prefix the summary with the subpackage or
component, though we have not standarized the words to use, eg: ``scanner``,
``generate``, ``v3bwfile``, ``relaylist``, ``doc``, ``test``, ``CI``.
From version 1.0.3, we also started to prefix the summary with ``new``,
``fix`` or ``chg``, so that `gitchangelog`_ automatically generates different
sections in the CHANGELOG.
From version 1.1.0 we started to use the words ``new``, ``chg`` and ``fix``,
not in the sense `gitchangelog`_ use them, but to match sematic versioning
changes major, minor and patch.
Try to make each commit a logically separate changes.::
......@@ -259,6 +272,10 @@ Each entry should reference the Tor Project Trac ticket (example: ``#12345``)
and possibly the bugfix version.
Until version 1.0.2 we have followed `keep a changelog`_ format.
From version 1.1.x, run ``./scripts/maint/`` to create new releases.
It uses `gitchangelog`_ to automatically add new CHANGELOG entries from the
commits' messages.
.. _commit-msg:
Example commit message
......@@ -295,3 +312,4 @@ Example commit message
.. _`keep a changelog`:
.. _`semantic versioning`:
.. _`vulture`:
.. _`gitchangelog`:
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2019 juga (juga at riseup dot net), CC0 license.
"""Script to help release new versions.
This is a fast and dirty script to help release new sbws versions.
It does not intent to cover all possible cases and errors because this is out
of the scope of sbws.
There are other tools [*] that help manage release tags, branches and
changelogs, but we should not add more requirements to sbws to just release a
new version.
This script will:
0. Detect the current program version
1. Ask which version to release
2. Update the changelog automatically with ``gitchangelog``
and leave the option to user to manually edit it
3. Commit the changelog
4. Create a version with the tag and sign it
5. Push the commit and tag to the repository
6. Obtain the release tarball
7. Sign the release tarball
8. Modify the program to the next prerelease version and commit it
9. Push the commit
All is done in sequence and doesn't recover from any previous step.
It assumes that:
- the program version can be obtained with ``sbws.__version__``
- ``gitchangelog`` and ``semantic_version`` python packages are installed
- the official tarball releases are at
- the key to sign the release is only one and is available in the system
[*] See for instance,
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import semantic_version
except ImportError:
print("Please, install semantic_version")
import gitchangelog # noqa
except ImportError:
print("Please, install gitchangelog")
import sbws
def obtain_release_version(version):
release_type_dict = {
1: version.next_patch(),
2: version.next_minor(),
3: version.next_major(),
print("Current prerelease version: ", version)
print("which version would you like to release?:")
print("1. to patch release: ", release_type_dict[1])
print("2. to minor release: ", release_type_dict[2])
print("3. to major release: ", release_type_dict[3])
release_type = int(input())
return release_type_dict[release_type]
except KeyError:
print("Invalid release.")
def main(args):
keyid = args[0]
except IndexError:
print("Please, pass a GPG key identifier as argument.")
print("1. Which version to release")
current_version = semantic_version.Version(sbws.__version__)
release_version = obtain_release_version(current_version)
print("\n2. Update changelog")
print("Creating tag v{} so that gitchangelog will create the new section "
"with the correct new tag...".format(release_version))['git', 'tag', 'v{}'.format(release_version),
'-m', '\"Release version {}.\"'.format(release_version)])
print("\nUpdating the changelog automatically...")'gitchangelog'.split(' '))
print("\nEdit the changelog manually to remove merge commits and "
"leave only the apropiate paragraph for every bug/feature.")
input("Press enter when done.\n")
print("\nRemoving the tag...")['git', 'tag', '-d', 'v{}'.format(release_version)])
print("\n3. Commit the changelog")
print("\nCommiting CHANGELOG.rst...")['git', 'commit',
'-am', '"Release version {}."'.format(release_version)])
print("\n4. Create tag and sign it")
print("\nCreating the final tag and signing it...")['git', 'tag', '-s', 'v{}'.format(release_version),
'-m', '"Release version {}."'.format(release_version)])
print("\n5. Push commit and tag")
print("\nPush now so that the Gitlab creates the tarball from the new "
" commit and tag, eg:")
print("git push myremote mybranch")
print("git push myremote --tags")
input("Press enter when you are done.")
print("\n6. Obtain the release tarball")
print("Obtaining Gitlab tarball...")
"wget{}/sbws-v{}.tar.gz "
"-O v{}.tar.gz"
.format(release_version, release_version, release_version).split(' ')
print("\n7. Create the tarball signature")
print("Creating detached signature...")"gpg --default-key {} "
"--output v{}.tar.gz.asc "
"--detach-sign v{}.tar.gz"
.format(keyid, release_version, release_version)
.split(' '))
print("\nUpload the signature manually to Gitlab.")
input("Press enter when done.")
print("\nRelease done!!!.")
print("\n8. Create next prerelease branch")
print("\nIf this release happens in a maintainance branch, merge the "
"the commit to master and push, eg:"
"git checkout master"
"git merge --no-ff mybranch"
"git push myremote master")
next_branch_version = "maint{}".format(release_version)
print("And create the next prerelease branch, eg:")
"git checkout -b {}".format(next_branch_version)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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