1. 18 Jul, 2020 1 commit
  2. 14 Apr, 2020 3 commits
  3. 21 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  4. 09 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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      fix: v3bwfile: Add tor_version KeyValue · 6843145a
      juga authored
      - Create new KeyValues constants for the new v1.5.0 KeyValues
      - Instanciate State in Header.from_results so that there is no need
        to create new methods for all the header KeyValues that are read
        from the state file
      - Add tor_version to the kwargs to initialize the Header
      - Write tor_version in the state file when the scanner is started
      Closes: #30196.
  5. 27 Mar, 2019 4 commits
  6. 21 Mar, 2019 2 commits
  7. 16 Mar, 2019 1 commit
  8. 13 Mar, 2019 2 commits
  9. 08 Mar, 2019 3 commits
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      new: relaylist: Store total consensus count · 1387f91c
      juga authored
      to the state file.
      To know the total number of consensus seen in the last days.
      Part of #28566.
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      new: relaylist: Store relays' consensus timestamps · 417ebfa9
      juga authored
      for each relay and for the list of relays when fetching new
      network statuses.
      To count the number of times a relay was in a consensus and how
      many consensuses have been seen.
      In the test network router status entries don't have document
      Part of #28566
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      chg: scanner: Remove not needed thread loop · 6fc0c16f
      juga authored
      The pool can queue all the relays to be measured,
      but this inner loop was not adding more worker threads to the pool
      unit it finishs the current threads.
      Instead, wait for all the worker threads in the pool to finish
      or try to get the status after waiting enough.
      Closes: #28864, #28865. Bugfix v1.0.0
  10. 05 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      fix: !minor. Catch SocketClosed when stopping · 315215dc
      juga authored
      When SocketClosed is raised and the scanner is stopping, catch the
      In #28869 similar exceptions were catched, but this was forgotten.
      Bugfix v0.6.0.
  11. 04 Mar, 2019 2 commits
  12. 27 Feb, 2019 4 commits
  13. 26 Feb, 2019 3 commits
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      scanner: stop threads when there're not destinations · 3fe64b06
      juga authored
      Exit the scanner with error stoping threads first when there is not
      any functional destination, since the destinations can not be recovered.
      After merging #28897, `stop_threads` can be used (instroduced in #28869).
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      destination: record consecutive failures · 84e5d82c
      juga authored
      Add methods to store consecutive destination failures and retrieve
      the destinations that are still functional.
      Since destinations can fail because of Tor circuits, it's not count
      individual failures but consecutives one.
      Also exit with error if there are no functional destinations left.
      The maximum number of consecuitve failures is set to 10, but it
      may need to be changed depending on the percentage of circuits and
      requests that fail.
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      destination: stop running twice usability tests · d33ac8f6
      juga authored
      in every measurement.
      This removes the need for an extra lock for every measurement
      It should also not be depending on a time interval, but on the
      number of failures detected.
      Not counting number of failures since it would need to modify the
      destination or list of at runtime. It should be done in a future
      Fixes bug #28897. Bugfix v0.3.0
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