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      fix: doc: Add relay measure activity diagram · e3db1533
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      minor: scanner: Change logic creating the path · 8a021368
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      When the relay is not an exit, instead of choosing exits that can
      exit to all IPs, try with exits that can exit to some IPs, since the
      relay will be measured again with a different exit in other loop.
      When the relay is an exit, instead of ensuring it can exit all IPs, try
      using it as exit if it can exit to some IPs.
      If it fails connecting to the Web server, then try a 2nd time using it
      as entry to avoid that it will fail in all loops if there is only one
      Web server, cause it will be used again as an exit.
      Also, the helper exits don't need to be able to exit all IPs. When a
      helper exit fails to exit (maybe cause it can not exit to the Web
      sever IP), it's not a problem cause in a next loop other exit will be
      This change of logic also solves the bug where non exits were being
      used as exits, because we were trying to measure again a relay that
      was used as entry, because it could not exit all IPs, which includes
      also the non exits.
      Closes: #40041.
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