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Fix merging Dockerfile

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FROM alpine:3.14
RUN apk --no-cache add --update go wget tar \
&& wget \
&& tar xjf snowflake-v1.1.0.tar.bz2 \
&& cd snowflake-v1.1.0/proxy \
&& go get && GO111MODULE=on go build -o proxy . \
&& mv proxy /usr/local/bin/ \
&& go clean -r -cache -modcache \
&& cd ../.. \
&& rm -rf snowflake \
&& rm snowflake-v1.1.0.tar.bz2 \
&& apk del go wget tar
FROM alpine:3.14 AS builder
RUN apk add --update go git
WORKDIR /builder
RUN git clone -b v1.1.0
WORKDIR /builder/snowflake/proxy
RUN go get
RUN go build -o proxy .
ENTRYPOINT [ "proxy" ]
FROM alpine:3.14
COPY --from=builder /builder/snowflake/proxy/proxy /proxy
ENTRYPOINT [ "/proxy" ]
#### To run this docker container:
## To run this docker container:
docker-compose up -d
#### Releasing a new image
## Releasing a new image
First, build the image:
make build
......@@ -22,10 +22,36 @@ git tag -a -s "vVERSION" -m "Docker image version VERSION"
git push --tags origin main
#### Adding Custom URLs:
To add custom URLs before building the image change the URLs in ENTRYPOINT to your desired URLs. Default URLs are shown below.
## Adding custom options:
To use custom options when running this image you can add them to `command:` line in the docker-compose.yml like this:
``` dockerfile
ENTRYPOINT [ "proxy" , "--broker" , "" , "--relay" , "wss://" ]
command: [ "-broker" , "" ]
so the full docker-compose.yml looks something like this:
version: "3.8"
network_mode: host
image: thetorproject/snowflake-proxy:latest
container_name: snowflake-proxy
restart: unless-stopped
command: [ "-broker" , "" ]
### Available options:
-broker string
broker URL (default "")
-capacity uint
maximum concurrent clients
keep local LAN address ICE candidates
-log string
log filename
-relay string
websocket relay URL (default "wss://")
-stun string
stun URL (default "")
prevent logs from being scrubbed
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