Verified Commit a9bdef85 authored by Jim Newsome's avatar Jim Newsome
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Fix path to exitonly torrc

parent 3708ca85
......@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ run-sim:
- stow -d jobs/opt -t $HOME/.local tor
# TODO: Collect trace data from more tor instances; working on space issues.
- echo "Log [sim]debug file $CI_PROJECT_DIR/jobs/tornet/tor-trace.txt" >> jobs/tornet/conf/tor.exitonly.torrc
- echo "Log [sim]debug file $CI_PROJECT_DIR/jobs/tornet/tor-trace.txt" >> jobs/tornet/conf/tor.relay.exitonly.torrc
# Record all warnings and errors
- echo "Log warn-warn file $CI_PROJECT_DIR/jobs/tornet/tor-warn.txt" >> jobs/tornet/conf/tor.common.torrc
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