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    Fix directory self-testing logic · 5cbeb608
    Nick Mathewson authored
    When I removed version_supports_begindir, I accidentally removed the
    mechanism we had been using to make a directory cache self-test its
    directory port.  This caused bug 6815, which caused 6814 (both in
    To fix this bug, I'm replacing the "anonymized_connection" argument to
    directory_initiate_command_* with an enumeration to say how indirectly
    to connect to a directory server.  (I don't want to reinstate the
    "version_supports_begindir" argument as "begindir_ok" or anything --
    these functions already take too many arguments.)
    For safety, I made sure that passing 0 and 1 for 'indirection' gives
    the same result as you would have gotten before -- just in case I
    missed any 0s or 1s.