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    Fix (and make consistent) the use of OpenBSD preprocessor macro tests · c13a81f7
    Kris Katterjohn authored and Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson committed
    Prior to this commit, the testsuite was failing on OpenBSD.  After
    this commit the testsuite runs fine on OpenBSD.
    It was previously decided to test for the OpenBSD macro (rather than
    __OpenBSD__, etc.) because OpenBSD forks seem to have the former
    macro defined.  sys/param.h must be included for the OpenBSD macro
    definition; however, many files tested for the OpenBSD macro without
    having this header included.
    This commit includes sys/param.h in the files where the OpenBSD macro
    is used (and sys/param.h is not already included), and it also
    changes some instances of the __OpenBSD__ macro to OpenBSD.
    See commit 27df23ab
     which changed
    everything to use OpenBSD instead of __OpenBSD__ or OPENBSD.  See
    also tickets #6982 and #20980 (the latter ticket is where it was
    decided to use the OpenBSD macro).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarKris Katterjohn <katterjohn@gmail.com>