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    Clients connect to public relays over IPv6. · e04e1a2e
    Linus Nordberg authored and Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson committed
    Add ClientUseIPv6 and ClientPreferIPv6ORPort configuration options.
    Use "preferred OR port" for all entry nodes, not only for bridges.
    Mark bridges with "prefer IPv6 OR port" if an IPv6 address is
    configured in Bridge line and ClientPreferIPv6ORPort is set.
    Mark relays with "prefer IPv6 OR port" if an IPv6 address is found in
    descriptor and ClientPreferIPv6ORPort is set.
    Filter "preferred OR port" through the ClientUseIPv6 config option. We
    might want to move this test to where actual connection is being set
    up once we have a fall back mechanism in place.
    Have only non-servers pick an IPv6 address for the first hop: We
    don't want relays to connect over IPv6 yet. (IPv6 has never been used
    for second or third hops.)
    Implements ticket 5535.