Commit 089e57d2 authored by George Kadianakis's avatar George Kadianakis Committed by Nick Mathewson
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Fix TROVE-2020-003.

Given that ed25519 public key validity checks are usually not needed
and (so far) they are only necessary for onion addesses in the Tor
protocol, we decided to fix this specific bug instance without
modifying the rest of the codebase (see below for other fix

In our minimal fix we check that the pubkey in
hs_service_add_ephemeral() is valid and error out otherwise.
parent c940b7cf
o Minor bugfixes (onion services v3):
- Fix assertion failure that could result from a corrupted ADD_ONION control
port command. Found by Saibato. Fixes bug 33137; bugfix on This issue is also being tracked as TROVE-2020-003.
......@@ -3578,6 +3578,12 @@ hs_service_add_ephemeral(ed25519_secret_key_t *sk, smartlist_t *ports,
goto err;
if (ed25519_validate_pubkey(&service->keys.identity_pk) < 0) {
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "Bad ed25519 private key was provided");
goto err;
/* Make sure we have at least one port. */
if (smartlist_len(service->config.ports) == 0) {
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "At least one VIRTPORT/TARGET must be specified "
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