Commit 08d98071 authored by George Kadianakis's avatar George Kadianakis Committed by Nick Mathewson
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Write function that parses ServerTransportOptions torrc lines.

And use it to validate them.
parent 9fda7e8c
......@@ -280,6 +280,7 @@ static config_var_t option_vars_[] = {
V(IPv6Exit, BOOL, "0"),
VAR("ServerTransportPlugin", LINELIST, ServerTransportPlugin, NULL),
V(ServerTransportListenAddr, LINELIST, NULL),
V(ServerTransportOptions, LINELIST, NULL),
V(Socks4Proxy, STRING, NULL),
V(Socks5Proxy, STRING, NULL),
V(Socks5ProxyUsername, STRING, NULL),
......@@ -3147,6 +3148,19 @@ options_validate(or_options_t *old_options, or_options_t *options,
"ServerTransportListenAddr line will be ignored.");
for (cl = options->ServerTransportOptions; cl; cl = cl->next) {
/** If get_options_from_transport_options_line() fails with
'transport' being NULL, it means that something went wrong
while parsing the ServerTransportOptions line. */
smartlist_t *options_sl =
get_options_from_transport_options_line(cl->value, NULL);
if (!options_sl)
REJECT("ServerTransportOptions did not parse. See logs for details.");
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(options_sl, char *, cp, tor_free(cp));
if (options->ConstrainedSockets) {
/* If the user wants to constrain socket buffer use, make sure the desired
* limit is between MIN|MAX_TCPSOCK_BUFFER in k increments. */
......@@ -4580,6 +4594,63 @@ get_bindaddr_from_transport_listen_line(const char *line,const char *transport)
return addrport;
/** Given a ServerTransportOptions <b>line</b>, return a smartlist
* with the options. Return NULL if the line was not well-formed.
* If <b>transport</b> is set, return NULL if the line is not
* referring to <b>transport</b>.
* The returned smartlist and its strings are allocated on the heap
* and it's the responsibility of the caller to free it. */
smartlist_t *
get_options_from_transport_options_line(const char *line,const char *transport)
smartlist_t *items = smartlist_new();
smartlist_t *options = smartlist_new();
const char *parsed_transport = NULL;
smartlist_split_string(items, line, NULL,
if (smartlist_len(items) < 2) {
log_warn(LD_CONFIG,"Too few arguments on ServerTransportOptions line.");
goto err;
parsed_transport = smartlist_get(items, 0);
/* If 'transport' is given, check if it matches the one on the line */
if (transport && strcmp(transport, parsed_transport))
goto err;
SMARTLIST_FOREACH_BEGIN(items, const char *, option) {
if (option_sl_idx == 0) /* skip the transport field (first field)*/
/* validate that it's a k=v value */
if (!string_is_key_value(LOG_WARN, option)) {
log_warn(LD_CONFIG, "%s is not a k=v value.", escaped(option));
goto err;
/* add it to the options smartlist */
smartlist_add(options, tor_strdup(option));
log_debug(LD_CONFIG, "Added %s to the list of options", escaped(option));
goto done;
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(options, char*, s, tor_free(s));
options = NULL;
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(items, char*, s, tor_free(s));
return options;
/** Given the name of a pluggable transport in <b>transport</b>, check
* the configuration file to see if the user has explicitly asked for
* it to listen on a specific port. Return a <address:port> string if
......@@ -112,6 +112,9 @@ typedef struct bridge_line_t {
void bridge_line_free(bridge_line_t *bridge_line);
bridge_line_t *parse_bridge_line(const char *line);
smartlist_t *get_options_from_transport_options_line(const char *line,
const char *transport);
......@@ -3500,6 +3500,9 @@ typedef struct {
/** List of TCP/IP addresses that transports should listen at. */
config_line_t *ServerTransportListenAddr;
/** List of options that must be passed to pluggable transports. */
config_line_t *ServerTransportOptions;
int BridgeRelay; /**< Boolean: are we acting as a bridge relay? We make
* this explicit so we can change how we behave in the
* future. */
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