Commit 10fe5bad authored by Sebastian Hahn's avatar Sebastian Hahn
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Remove the AuthDirRejectUnlisted config option

This is in preparation for a big patch series removing the entire Naming
system from Tor. In its wake, the approved-routers file is being
deprecated, and a replacement option to allow only pre-approved routers
is not being implemented.
parent 54348201
o Removed features:
- The "AuthDirRejectUnlisted" option no longer has any effect, as
the fingerprints file (approved-routers) has been deprecated.
......@@ -1943,12 +1943,6 @@ on the public Tor network.
1 unless you plan to list non-functioning exits as bad; otherwise, you are
effectively voting in favor of every declared exit as an exit.)
[[AuthDirRejectUnlisted]] **AuthDirRejectUnlisted** **0**|**1**::
Authoritative directories only. If set to 1, the directory server rejects
all uploaded server descriptors that aren't explicitly listed in the
fingerprints file. This acts as a "panic button" if we get hit with a Sybil
attack. (Default: 0)
[[AuthDirMaxServersPerAddr]] **AuthDirMaxServersPerAddr** __NUM__::
Authoritative directories only. The maximum number of servers that we will
list as acceptable on a single IP address. Set this to "0" for "no limit".
......@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ static config_var_t option_vars_[] = {
V(AuthDirGuardBWGuarantee, MEMUNIT, "2 MB"),
V(AuthDirReject, LINELIST, NULL),
V(AuthDirRejectCCs, CSV, ""),
V(AuthDirRejectUnlisted, BOOL, "0"),
V(AuthDirListBadDirs, BOOL, "0"),
V(AuthDirListBadExits, BOOL, "0"),
V(AuthDirMaxServersPerAddr, UINT, "2"),
......@@ -362,7 +362,6 @@ dirserv_get_status_impl(const char *id_digest, const char *nickname,
const char *platform, const char *contact,
const char **msg, int should_log)
int reject_unlisted = get_options()->AuthDirRejectUnlisted;
uint32_t result;
router_status_t *status_by_digest;
......@@ -458,11 +457,6 @@ dirserv_get_status_impl(const char *id_digest, const char *nickname,
nickname, fmt_addr32(addr));
result |= FP_INVALID;
if (reject_unlisted) {
if (msg)
*msg = "Authdir rejects unknown routers.";
return FP_REJECT;
return result;
......@@ -3768,8 +3768,6 @@ typedef struct {
* and vote for all other dir mirrors as good. */
int AuthDirListBadExits; /**< True iff we should list bad exits,
* and vote for all other exits as good. */
int AuthDirRejectUnlisted; /**< Boolean: do we reject all routers that
* aren't named in our fingerprint file? */
int AuthDirMaxServersPerAddr; /**< Do not permit more than this
* number of servers per IP address. */
int AuthDirMaxServersPerAuthAddr; /**< Do not permit more than this
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