Commit 1c451b9d authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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r16252@catbus: nickm | 2007-10-29 11:13:03 -0400

 Change symbol from DATADIR to SHARE_DATADIR, since DATADIR conflicts with objidl.h in mingw.

parent 28652aec
......@@ -620,10 +620,11 @@ AH_TEMPLATE([LOCALSTATEDIR], [Default location to store state files.])
dnl Note: this is not the same as Tor's "DataDir" config option.
DATADIR=`eval echo $datadir`
AH_TEMPLATE([DATADIR], [Default location for platform-independent read-only data.])
dnl We'd call it 'DATADIR', except that's a symbol in MinGW's objidl.h.
SHARE_DATADIR=`eval echo $datadir`
AH_TEMPLATE([SHARE_DATADIR], [Default location for platform-independent read-only data.])
# Set CFLAGS _after_ all the above checks, since our warnings are stricter
# than autoconf's macros like.
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Things we'd like to do in 0.2.0.x:
o base Guard flag on WFU rather than on MTBF.
o Change guard calculation
o Change dir-spec.txt
- What should we do about hosts that have been up for only 1 hour,
o What should we do about hosts that have been up for only 1 hour,
but have been up for 100% of that one hour? -NM
Perhaps the guard flag should only be assigned if the measurement
period for that server is at least some large period, like a
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ static config_var_t _option_vars[] = {
V(ExitPolicy, LINELIST, NULL),
V(ExitPolicyRejectPrivate, BOOL, "1"),
V(FallbackNetworkstatusFile, STRING,
DATADIR PATH_SEPARATOR "tor" PATH_SEPARATOR "fallback-consensus"),
V(FascistFirewall, BOOL, "0"),
V(FirewallPorts, CSV, ""),
V(FastFirstHopPK, BOOL, "1"),
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