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Module documentation for config.c and confparse.c

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* \file config.c
* \brief Code to parse and interpret configuration files.
* \brief Code to interpret the user's configuration of Tor.
* This module handles torrc configuration file, including parsing it,
* combining it with torrc.defaults and the command line, allowing
* user changes to it (via editing and SIGHUP or via the control port),
* writing it back to disk (because of SAVECONF from the control port),
* and -- most importantly, acting on it.
* The module additionally has some tools for manipulating and
* inspecting values that are calculated as a result of the
* configured options.
* <h3>How to add new options</h3>
* To add new items to the torrc, there are a minimum of three places to edit:
* <ul>
* <li>The or_options_t structure in or.h, where the options are stored.
* <li>The option_vars_ array below in this module, which configures
* the names of the torrc options, their types, their multiplicities,
* and their mappings to fields in or_options_t.
* <li>The manual in doc/tor.1.txt, to document what the new option
* is, and how it works.
* </ul>
* Additionally, you might need to edit these places too:
* <ul>
* <li>options_validate() below, in case you want to reject some possible
* values of the new configuration option.
* <li>options_transition_allowed() below, in case you need to
* forbid some or all changes in the option while Tor is
* running.
* <li>options_transition_affects_workers(), in case changes in the option
* might require Tor to relaunch or reconfigure its worker threads.
* <li>options_transition_affects_descriptor(), in case changes in the
* option might require a Tor relay to build and publish a new server
* descriptor.
* <li>options_act() and/or options_act_reversible(), in case there's some
* action that needs to be taken immediately based on the option's
* value.
* </ul>
* <h3>Changing the value of an option</h3>
* Because of the SAVECONF command from the control port, it's a bad
* idea to change the value of any user-configured option in the
* or_options_t. If you want to sometimes do this anyway, we recommend
* that you create a secondary field in or_options_t; that you have the
* user option linked only to the secondary field; that you use the
* secondary field to initialize the one that Tor actually looks at; and that
* you use the one Tor looks as the one that you modify.
/* Copyright (c) 2001 Matej Pfajfar.
* Copyright (c) 2001-2004, Roger Dingledine.
* Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson.
......@@ -9,6 +10,16 @@
* \brief Back-end for parsing and generating key-value files, used to
* implement the torrc file format and the state file.
* This module is used by config.c to parse and encode torrc
* configuration files, and by statefile.c to parse and encode the
* $DATADIR/state file.
* To use this module, its callers provide an instance of
* config_format_t to describe the mappings from a set of configuration
* options to a number of fields in a C structure. With this mapping,
* the functions here can convert back and forth between the C structure
* specified, and a linked list of key-value pairs.
#include "or.h"
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