Commit 41f0b61a authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨 Committed by Mike Perry
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Add stub argument for constructing congestion_control_t

parent 86aa77a8
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
#include "core/or/or.h"
#include "core/crypto/onion_crypto.h"
#include "core/or/circuitlist.h"
#include "core/or/crypt_path.h"
#include "core/or/or_circuit_st.h"
......@@ -272,10 +273,13 @@ congestion_control_init(congestion_control_t *cc, cc_alg_t cc_alg,
/** Allocate and initialize a new congestion control object */
congestion_control_t *
congestion_control_new(const circuit_params_t *params)
congestion_control_t *cc = tor_malloc_zero(sizeof(congestion_control_t));
/* TODO: Use `params` to pick the algorithm and the window. */
(void) params;
// XXX: the alg and the sendme_inc need to be negotiated during
// circuit handshake
congestion_control_init(cc, CC_ALG_VEGAS, SENDME_INC_DFLT);
......@@ -20,7 +20,10 @@ typedef struct congestion_control_t congestion_control_t;
void congestion_control_free_(congestion_control_t *cc);
congestion_control_t *congestion_control_new(void);
/* TODO: Whisky Tango Foxtot‽ Nothing calls this function anywhere! */
struct circuit_params_t;
congestion_control_t *congestion_control_new(
const struct circuit_params_t *params);
int congestion_control_dispatch_cc_alg(congestion_control_t *cc,
const circuit_t *circ,
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