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......@@ -26,28 +26,40 @@ typedef enum config_type_t {
CONFIG_TYPE_OBSOLETE, /**< Obsolete (ignored) option. */
} config_type_t;
/* An abbreviation for a configuration option allowed on the command line */
typedef struct config_abbrev_t {
char *abbreviated;
char *full;
} config_abbrev_t;
/* A list of command-line abbreviations. */
static config_abbrev_t config_abbrevs[] = {
{ "l", "LogLevel" },
/* A variable allowed in the configuration file or on the command line */
typedef struct config_var_t {
char *name;
config_type_t type;
off_t var_offset;
char *name; /**< The full keyword (case insensitive) */
config_type_t type; /**< How to interpret the type and turn it into a value */
off_t var_offset; /**< Offset of the corresponding member of or_options_t */
} config_var_t;
/** Return the offset of <b>member</b> within the type <b>tp</b>, in bytes */
#define STRUCT_OFFSET(tp, member) ((off_t) &(((tp*)0)->member))
/** An entry for config_vars: "The option <b>name</b> has type
* CONFIG_TYPE_<b>conftype</b>, and corresponds to
* or_options_t.<b>member</b>"
#define VAR(name,conftype,member) \
{ name, CONFIG_TYPE_ ## conftype, STRUCT_OFFSET(or_options_t, member) }
/** An entry for config_vars: "The option <b>name</b> is obsolete." */
#define OBSOLETE(name) { name, CONFIG_TYPE_OBSOLETE, 0 }
/** Array of configuration options. Until we disallow nonstandard
* abbreviations, order is significant, since the first matching option will
* be chosen first.
static config_var_t config_vars[] = {
VAR("Address", STRING, Address),
VAR("AllowUnverifiedNodes",CSV, AllowUnverifiedNodes),
......@@ -112,14 +124,13 @@ static config_var_t config_vars[] = {
#undef VAR
/** Largest allowed config line */
static struct config_line_t *config_get_commandlines(int argc, char **argv);
static int config_get_lines(FILE *f, struct config_line_t **result);
static void config_free_lines(struct config_line_t *front);
static int config_compare(struct config_line_t *c, const char *key, config_type_t type, void *arg);
static int config_assign_line(or_options_t *options, struct config_line_t *c);
static int config_assign(or_options_t *options, struct config_line_t *list);
static int parse_dir_server_line(const char *line);
static int parse_redirect_line(or_options_t *options,
......@@ -127,7 +138,8 @@ static int parse_redirect_line(or_options_t *options,
static const char *expand_abbrev(const char *option);
static config_var_t *config_find_option(const char *key);
/** DOCDOC */
/** If <b>option</b> is an official abbreviation for a longer option,
* return the longer option. Otherwise return <b>option</b> */
static const char *
expand_abbrev(const char *option)
......@@ -233,22 +245,33 @@ config_free_lines(struct config_line_t *front)
/** If <b>key</b> is a configuration option, return the corresponding
* config_var_t. Otherwise, if <b>key</b> is a non-standard abbreviation,
* warn, and return the corresponding config_var_t. Otherwise return NULL.
static config_var_t *config_find_option(const char *key)
int i;
/* First, check for an exact (case-insensitive) match */
for (i=0; config_vars[i].name; ++i) {
if (!strcasecmp(key, config_vars[i].name)) {
if (!strcasecmp(key, config_vars[i].name))
return &config_vars[i];
} else if (!strncasecmp(key, config_vars[i].name, strlen(key))) {
/* If none, check for an abbreviated match */
for (i=0; config_vars[i].name; ++i) {
if (!strncasecmp(key, config_vars[i].name, strlen(key))) {
log_fn(LOG_WARN, "The abbreviation '%s' is deprecated. "
"Tell Nick and Roger to make it official, or just use '%s' instead",
key, config_vars[i].name);
return &config_vars[i];
/* Okay, unrecogized options */
return NULL;
/** If <b>c</b> is a syntactically valid configuration line, update
* <b>options</b> with its value and return 0. Otherwise return -1. */
static int
config_assign_line(or_options_t *options, struct config_line_t *c)
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