Commit 5c8deef9 authored by Alexander Færøy's avatar Alexander Færøy 🍍
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Fix Windows build.

While trying to resolve our CI issues, the Windows build broke with an
unused function error:

   src/test/test_switch_id.c:37:1: error: ‘unprivileged_port_range_start’
   defined but not used [-Werror=unused-function]

We solve this by moving the `#if !defined(_WIN32)` test above the
`unprivileged_port_range_start()` function defintion such that it is
included in its body.

This is an unreviewed commit.

See: #40275
parent 92fedb9f
......@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ static const struct {
{ NULL, 0 }
#if !defined(_WIN32)
/* Returns the first port that we think we can bind to without special
* permissions. Usually this function returns 1024. */
static uint16_t
......@@ -67,8 +69,6 @@ unprivileged_port_range_start(void)
return result;
#if !defined(_WIN32)
#define PORT_TEST_RANGE_END 1024
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