Commit 6650dc93 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson
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Remove a needless config_find_option

parent e6e80484
......@@ -591,8 +591,6 @@ static int write_configuration_file(const char *fname,
static config_line_t *get_assigned_option(const config_format_t *fmt,
const void *options, const char *key,
int escape_val);
static const config_var_t *config_find_option(const config_format_t *fmt,
const char *key);
static void config_init(const config_format_t *fmt, void *options);
static int or_state_validate(or_state_t *old_options, or_state_t *options,
int from_setconf, char **msg);
......@@ -701,7 +699,6 @@ set_options(or_options_t *new_val, char **msg)
int i;
smartlist_t *elements;
config_line_t *line;
config_var_t *var;
or_options_t *old_options = global_options;
global_options = new_val;
/* Note that we pass the *old* options below, for comparison. It
......@@ -721,16 +718,14 @@ set_options(or_options_t *new_val, char **msg)
if (old_options) {
elements = smartlist_create();
for (i=0; options_format.vars[i].name; ++i) {
var = config_find_option(&options_format,
const config_var_t *var = &options_format.vars[i];
const char *var_name = var->name;
if (var->type == CONFIG_TYPE_LINELIST_S ||
var->type == CONFIG_TYPE_OBSOLETE) {
if (!option_is_same(&options_format, new_val, old_options,
options_format.vars[i].name)) {
line = get_assigned_option(&options_format, new_val,
options_format.vars[i].name, 1);
if (!option_is_same(&options_format, new_val, old_options, var_name)) {
line = get_assigned_option(&options_format, new_val, var_name, 1);
if (line) {
for (; line; line = line->next) {
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